Quality Improvement Commission (QIC)

The establishment of a Quality Improvement Commission has been required by law as of the winter semester 2011/12. It discusses proposals for the earmarked use of funds to improve teaching and education.

Applications from the departments and the student body are discussed and recommended for funding or non-funding to the Presidium.

In addition to the representatives of the Presidium, Budget and Administration, and Staff, four students have permanent seats on this committee and thus a voting majority.

Thus, it can be said that this committee represents a very good interface for the student self-administration to actively pursue university policy and also to exert pressure in the focus on "special acquisitions and expenditures".

It should be emphasised that any member of THGA may submit proposals. In addition, in the office of the AStA there is a wooden ballot box, where you can enter proposals for the use of these funds.

If you have any questions, the student representatives of this committee are there for you.